We at Rehaab Roots believe in providing access to synergy in care and rehabilitation. A dream that has been envisioned by the management from several years, to provide a range of allied health services in Hyderabad.This honest and genuine effort put into opening a Rehabilitation center for those in need of speech, physiotherapy and psychological services is an attempt to bridge the divide between a therapist and the client. Here, we spend most of our time in understanding the client’s difficulties, and work together,putting in 100% effort to ensure that the client and his/her family receives quality support from our end.

COVID-19 Precautions :

  • A safe and warm welcome to you and your child with our person to operate the lift to reach us.
  • Temperature check and shoe covers along with sanitizer at the entrance for all the people who ever enter the premises.
  • Regular check on the health status of the staff to ensure safer therapy to your child
  • Fully sanitized waiting area with social distancing.
  • Well Sanitized Rooms and Teaching Material from time to time.
  • Specially designed masks for the therapists to ensure therapy quality and child’s cooperation.
  • Sanitizers in every nook and corner to ensure 100% availability and usage.
  • All the necessary precautions to ensure 100% safety and comfort.


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Psychology and Behavior Modification

Occupational Therapy

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If your child misses out/delays any of the developmental milestones (sitting, crawling, walking, and speech age appropriately) at different stages of development, then visit and contact our Rehaab Roots in-house team for any help, suggestions, and counseling regarding the overall development of your child.


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